MARAES Color Care Lotion by KAARAL
MARAES Color Care Lotion by KAARAL

MARAES Color Care Lotion by KAARAL

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Keep your color looking its best and your hair feeling its healthiest with Kaaral Maraes Color Care Lotion! This concentrated formula is infused with a blend of lauric acid, macadamia oil, and flax seed oil that work together to nourish, protect, and enhance the vibrancy of your color.

What It Does:

  • Guarantees deep nourishment
  • Protects color against the aggressive radicals
  • Strengthens hair fibers from the inside
  • Gives the hair a healthy and shiny look

Lauric acid, derived from coconut, helps to close the hair cuticles and stimulates regrowth of hair fibers. Macadamia oil promotes protection of the cortex and reinforcement of the shaft structure, while flax seed oil helps to improve shine and manageability.

The result is hair that is soft, smooth, and manageable, with color that looks and feels amazing. The lotion is also free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones, making it a safe and gentle choice for all hair types.

The Kaaral Maraes Color Care Lotion is the perfect way to keep your color-treated hair looking its best. With its nourishing ingredients and concentrated formula, it will help to protect your hair from fading and damage, while also leaving it feeling soft and healthy.

    How to use: simply apply a small amount of lotion to your damp hair. Massage it into your hair, from root to tip, and then style as usual. You'll be left with soft, smooth, and manageable hair that looks and feels amazing!

    Size: 12 f x 10 ml

    pH: 3.10 – 4.10

    Lauric Acid 

    Macadamia oil 

    Flax seed oil 

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