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HAIR LOVE means to Elchim a story that began in Milan in 1945, made of Italian innovation and manufacture of products for professionals in the respect of all types of hair.We are not interested in objects that are not filled of love. We are interested that in every component we recognize the single hand that has worked here in Italy. We are interested in knowing what to do to improve the quality of our products and the life of those who use them. Because if there is a value, among the many that our family has transmitted since 1945, it is that quality is the only guarantee for our future. By choosing our products you will have in your hands the most ergonomic professional tools in the world. Light, balanced, silent and equipped with advanced technology to seal the cuticles of the hair while preserving health and beauty.


After seeing that today's consumers were no longer excited by the humble bar of soap, a team of beauty enthusiasts came together at FOAMIE to re-invent the once-loved family favourite. By removing the 'soap' and creating a solid cleansing bar - a 'syndet' - the team were able to create a base for all of our products that was perfectly pH-Balanced for your skin and hair. FOAMIE launched in Germany in 2018, and quickly found love from our customers thanks to our striking designs, tongue-in-cheek communication and innovative product design.

We are now on a mission to "Think Outside the Bottle" and re-invent the way you think about your bathroom routine, with planet-friendly solutions that function as you would expect, smell incredible, and leave a lasting effect on your skin and hair.


Invisibobble® – That simple.

Say HELLO to the knights in spiral armor – invisibobble® WRAPSTAR, BOWTIQUE,
BUNSTAR, SPRUNCHIE, ORIGINAL, WAVER, WAVER+,POWER, NANO, KIDS and SLIM! The revolutionary hair tools put an end to the challenges you’ve had tying up your hair. Hair loving, traceless, strong grip – invisibobble® has it all! Try it yourself and make invisibobble your new hair affair. Because invisibobble® is THAT SIMPLE.


We support and guide hair stylists in their everyday work. Through research, development and experience we produce innovative and high-quality products allowing the creation of endless color combinations and looks for every need.

Our true aspiration is to blend quality, style and trends and become the spokesperson and source of inspiration for "Kaaral Made in Italy" everywhere.

 Driven by the desire to evoke emotion and share our passion, our corporate vision is to create a spirit of belonging to the brand where each Hair Stylist and end customer feels like apart of the "Kaaral Family".

Kashmir Keratin

Kashmir keratin  laboratories have created a unique range of sulfate and paraben free keratin based formulas designed to repair damaged and color treated hair. Keratin is comprised of amino acids that actively penetrate the hair shaft to repair, strengthen and renew it. Regular use of Kashmir keratin hair system’s full line of hair care products will ensure that hair is left healthy, strong & revitalized.
Keratin is an extremely strong protein that is a major component in hair, skin and nails. The majority of hair structure, about 88%, is composed of keratin. Therefore, it is important that the hair care products we use contain this naturally forming protein. Most of the keratin that comprises hair is dead matter. Hair, skin, and nails are all formed from dead cells that the body sheds as new cells push up from underneath. Regular use of Kashmir Keratin System maintains the reproduction of dead cells, which serves as an insulating layer to protect the delicate new tissue below them. This allows damaged cells to be repaired, so that hair remains healthy and resilient.

KIEPE Professional

At KIEPE Professional we have always combined high-tech with the skillful skills of our master craftsmen.
We need technology to have extreme precision, while the skillful and wise hands can give our products that added value that we would never be able to achieve using only soulless machines.
As a skilled tailor sews his drapes we give that extra touch to each of our hairdressing scissors, comb or brush…each tweezers, each haircutter or underwired for aesthetics is carefully checked over and over again both with electronic eyes and with the eye of those who have gained experience in years of practice.
Our hairdryers, hairdressers and hair straighteners have a soul… that soul is given by skillful hands that know how to make a creation almost alive…
…only when you try a product of KIEPE Professional you can feel that you have not only bought an object of common use, but a companion of style, that style that only you can have.

Kode Professional

Kode Professional introduces a FiberForce Therapy line of products that include shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, leave-in conditioners and hair treatments that are uniquely designed to target chemically treated and damaged hair.

Ultimate Heat Pro

Ultimate Heat Tools was developed by a stylist that wanted to ensure his clients could achieve beautiful salon styled hair in the comfort of their own homes. From thick to thin, long or short, you get the ULTIMATE shine.

We know Ultimate Heat Tools will be your hair go-to! 

We focus on the stylists' needs with all our tools

The Digital Slim Flat Iron was created by a team of Canadian stylists that insisted on designing a perfect flat iron.  Short hair to long and from fine hair to coarse, the Ultimate Heat flat iron will impart smooth shiny hair every time.  The ULTIMATE end result.

The slim design, longer plates, 9’ cord and precise digital heat settings have all been engineered for a reason...for perfect styling and to preserve the integrity of the hair. 

Ultimate Heat...Ultimate Results...Every Time!

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