At KIEPE Professional we have always combined high-tech with the skillful skills of our master craftsmen.
We need technology to have extreme precision, while the skillful and wise hands can give our products that added value that we would never be able to achieve using only soulless machines.
As a skilled tailor sews his drapes we give that extra touch to each of our hairdressing scissors, comb or brush…each tweezers, each haircutter or underwired for aesthetics is carefully checked over and over again both with electronic eyes and with the eye of those who have gained experience in years of practice.
Our hairdryers, hairdressers and hair straighteners have a soul… that soul is given by skillful hands that know how to make a creation almost alive…
…only when you try a product of KIEPE Professional you can feel that you have not only bought an object of common use, but a companion of style, that style that only you can have.


West Coast Beauty Co.
108 - 6741 Cariboo Road
Burnaby, BC, V3N 4A3
Tel: (604) 321-2700



Central Beauty Supply Ltd
300 Ashland Ave
London, ON, N5W 4E4
Tel: 519-453-4590

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