Hot Honey Care Ultra Bodifying – Volumizing formula

Hot Honey Care Ultra Bodifying – Volumizing formula

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Thin and long hair with no volume?
Hot Honey Care Ultra Bodifying developed by Elchim laboratories in the only 3 in 1 system to dry, style and volumize the hair lenghts in one single pass.
The treatment, combined with the use of Elchim hair dryers, transforms the hair during drying and styling with an immediate effect. The heat and air flow of the hairdryer activate the natural principles of honey and micro seaweeds extracts, for uniform distribution on the hair lenghts.

By inserting the Ultra Bodifying pod into the special concentrator concentrator for your Elchim hair dryer, you can immediately get a great volume for your hair lenghts and add extra shine.

Body and volume: Stop flat and shapeless lengths! Ultra Bodifying gives volume, body and improves the texture of hair.
Immediate effect: hair will have more volume on the lenghts and extra shine

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