Elchim Xlite Plus
Elchim Xlite Plus
Elchim Xlite Plus
Elchim Xlite Plus

Elchim Xlite Plus

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Xlite Plus has a highly technological heart, an Italian brushless digital motor that combines lightness, power
and a great life span that was previously not even thinkable for a professional hairdryer.
Made in Milan, as in the Elchim philosophy, this hairdryer will drastically reduce drying times, with a
homogeneous air flow, optimized temperature and concentrated with knowledge for long lasting hair


  •  Equipped with a brushless digital motor for professional use that combines great power, long life
    (over 5,000 hours) and exceptional lightweight (less than 396 gr)
  • The performance of this professional hair dryer, dreamed of and manufactured in Italy, ensures a
    drastic reduction of the drying time even on long and thick coarse hair
  • Hairdryer heat optimized to quickly seal the hair cuticles increasing the natural shine, while preserving hair integrity
  • The special design of the rear filter reduces the entry of hair into the appliance, further improving its duration, especially when used in professional hair salons

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