Keratin shampoo
Keratin shampoo

Deep Shampoo (Oily & Damaged Hair) by KASHMIR KERATIN

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Kashmir Keratin Deep Shampoo thoroughly treats and repairs hair, coating each hair shaft with keratin deep into hair roots.

Ideal for oily hair, this shampoo keeps hair moisturized while eliminating excess oil to keep hair looking clean, shiny and voluminous.

Kashmir Keratin Laboratories have created a unique range of Keratin based formulas designed to repair damaged and colored hair. Keratin is comprised of Amino Acids that actively penetrate the hair shaft to repair, strengthen and renew it.

Regular use of Kashmir Keratin's products will ensure that hair is left healthy, strong & revitalized.
Kashmir Keratin's unique molecule formulas can identify and repair damaged & unhealthy hair, remove impurities and other impurities and strengthen hair to restore it to its natural, healthy condition.

How to use: After shampooing with Kashmir Keratin enriched shampoo, apply the conditioners throughout your hair, wait for 2-3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. For perfect results, we recommend that you use the shampoo, mask and serum of the Kashmir Keratin series.

Size: 236 ml / 473 ml

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