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invisibobble® HAIRHALO - Let's get Fizzycal

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A headband exactly made for you. The patent-pending technology of the new invisibobble® HAIRHALO is as hair loving as it gets. Try the headband on, adjust it where it is too tight or too loose by bending it and then wear it comfortably all day long. Even more, it leaves just few marks on your hair.
The design is minimalistic chic for a great look from day to night, with a metallic satin fabric in the colour a good cold champagne.
  • comfortable to wear all day long
  • one size fits all 
  • high wearing comfort
  • traceless
  • durable
  • hair loving

Colour: golden-beige


1 Pkg. includes 1 invisibobble® HAIRHALO - Let's get Fizzycal

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